Plagiarism a Menace

Plagiarism a Menace

Students seldom try to come up with original work. They instead settle for the short cuts. What they do is visit some sites, which they have located with the help of search engines and then copy or down load pages of sites which are offering term papers free. I am very concerned about a surge of unintentional cheating,” says Donald McCabe, a professor at Rutgers University School, “We are raising a generation of students who try to live of from the short cuts, instead of using creativity and originality.”

What Kind of Papers are Available on the Net

Some essay sites offer students prepared term papers free, which actually are pre-used and pre-written essays and term papers. Then, there are customized essays and term papers written by ‘writers’, which according to the teachers are quite monotonous. The writers however, claim that they write papers from scratch. They say that they know what a teacher would like to find in an essay and keep that in mind while writing essays and term papers. Tracey Campbell, who is a customized term paper writer, asserts that buying a customized term paper is not cheating but being wise with one’s time and money. And many students, whom we contacted also, backed up her statement.


The Colleges and Universities in the country are fighting back and feel that they can put an end to fake free online term papers. It is impossible to stop a term paper “factory” that is located in some other jurisdiction but by trying, the teachers might put a halt on the proceedings of illegal writing services.

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