Configure Thunderbird Email client to work with Exchange Server

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For those who use Thunderbird email client, Thanks to Zendesk’s ExQuilla Add-on it is now possible to connect your thunderbird client to a Mailbox located on an Exchange Server 2007 or higher. so in this article i am going to show you how to setup the add-on and walk you through configuring the Email profile step by step.

First of all you need to download the Add-on from https://exquilla.zendesk.com/home , in my case i will download the Windows version.

1From the tools menu go to Add-ons

2From the Get Add-ons view, Choose to install Add-on from file…

3Browse to the Add-on you downloaded..

4Install the Add-on


Restart your Thunderbird client ..

6Click on ExQuilla or you can access it from the tools menu to start configuring your Exchange Account..

7Type in your Email and password, and choose to Login using the username and domain.

8Click do auto discover to automatically check for your Exchange Server settings and URLs. you Exchange Server must be configured to support Autodiscover for this to work otherwise you have to manually configure the URL for your exchange server.. Exchange Server 2007 and above support Autodiscover.

9Wait for the autodiscover to get the URLs. and you are done.

As you can see your Mailbox folder appears and emails starts to download..

11Hope this was helpful for Thunderbird Fans 🙂 ..

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